Nominations and Leadership Development Committee

Nomination and Leadership committee

The committee identifies, develops, deploys, evaluates, and monitors Christian spiritual leadership so that the congregation carries out the ministries for transformation of the community. The committee guides church leaders on matters regarding laity in leadership of the congregation.

This committee is made of no more than nine people, one of whom should a young adult. One-third of this committee is elected annually by the charge conference.  The pastor is the chair of the group. A layperson serves as vice-chair and represents the committee at meetings of the church leadership team.

  • This committee works cooperatively with other groups or individuals to prepare job descriptions that are adapted to the needs and organizational style of the church.
  • This committee becomes familiar with the responsibilities for each leadership position and matches potential leaders with particular opportunities for spiritual leadership.
  • This committee invites people to positions of spiritual leadership, receives their responses, and provides training and support for these individuals.


Carolyn Hoffman

Debbie Lewallen

By Position: Pete Beevers


Judy Olsen