Pastor Greg here to welcome you to our Website.


Our search for God can be a daunting quest.  Finding a church in which to accommodate that search can be intriguing as well as intimidating, scary and overwhelming.  The search, however, is not only worthwhile, it is essential to the growth and development of our soul.


Why  would you want to come to our church? To sing hymns to God Almighty? To offer prayers for those in need and ourselves? To offer thanksgiving for blessings received?  All of these but the main reason you should come is to feel the presence of God.  In feeling God's loving presence we know the reason we praise and sing hymns.  We know the person who answers prayer and we know the One who blesses our lives.


Come to Bull Shoals Methodist Church and feel the presence.... Come and grow with us.


God bless you.

Pastor Greg Coolidge