Website Ministry

Web Representative: Debbie Lewallen

The Bull Shoals Methodist Church website can be found at  The front page includes the calendar for the current week and across the top of the page are links that will take the user to information about our church.

Staff:  Includes email links to the Pastor and church secretary

Ministries: Lists the various outreach ministries and church committees, descriptions of their function, regular meeting locations and schedules, leadership and committee members

Photos:  Photos of church activities including credits (photographer, when, where, what)

Info Center: Includes copies of the monthly BSMC newsletter: Ordinary Times, Organization and Leadership section and the Membership directory (This is a locked site which can only be accessed by church members)

Salvation: A description of basic Christian affirmations

Our Beliefs: A statement of the doctrinal heritage and history of the  Methodist Church and a link to the Methodist Foundational Documents

Prayer: A descriptive list of current special prayer requests (including duration of request where appropriate)

Links: Links to pertinent internet sites such as daily devotionals

FLASH NOTICES:  Text and duration of special time sensitive notices

The Web representative is responsible for keeping FLASH NOTICES, the web calendar, church leadership, committee memberships and congregation member directory up to date as well as posting newsletters and photos on the website.  Only the Pastor and the web representative can post directly and make changes directly to the web site.


Please send updates, corrections or additions to the church calendar or committee memberships  by clicking the SEND MAIL box at the top of this screen.