The church council provides for planning and implementing a program of nurture, outreach, witness, and resources in the local church as well as for the administration of its organization and temporal life. Its mission is to envision, plan, implement, and annually evaluate the mission and ministry of the church. The church council shall be amenable to and function as the administrative agency of the charge conference .

The BSUMC council meets bimonthly, 3rd Sunday, 2 pm. The chairperson or the pastor may call special meetings.

Council Members 2021


Council Chair


Lay Leader

Staff/Parish Relations  Chair

Finance Chair

Trustees Chair

Nurture/Witness Chair

Outreach Chair

UWF President

UMM President

Church Treasurer

Financial Secretary

Youth Ministry Leader

Special Events

Adult Ministries

At-Large Member

Charles "Pete" Beevers

Wade Fox

Cathy Long

Terry Tubs

Mark Lee

Jerry Jacobs

Randy Bolen

Vickie Fox

Jane Mowry

Cathy Long

Jerry Jacobs

Sandra Lee

Debbie Lewallen

Jennifer Metts

Sarah Carroll

Lynn Jacobs

Connie Zonick